Cardi B Reveals Why Her Husband Can’t Leave Her


who returned to public space after she fought with Nicki Minaj, took to Instagram to boast about why her man can’t leave her.

During a live video on IG recently, told fans her husband can’t leave her because she f**ks good and sucks d**k good.

[] loves me. I f*ck good. I s*ck d*ck good.

I have the best head out here – what’s up.

D*ck s*cking contest I’m winning. He already knows what’s up.

The discussion starts at 4:00 in this video:

The video came after the rapper was spotted with Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill. While Cardi and Minaj may not be talking about each other or their New York Fashion Week fight-turned-feud, Cardi B’s latest photo is being interpreted as some kind of statement.


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